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What Unions Can Do

Unions recognize partner violence as a health and safety issue which affects the lives of their members. Recognizing partner violence as an issue for working persons fits within unions’ long history of fighting for social justice, for respect for labor, and for civil and human rights. The attached brochure–compiled by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees–is a very useful resource that provides specifics about how to address partner violence with union members in the workplace, as well as templates for contract language, newsletter articles and other sample documents.

Domestic Violence: What Unions Can Do Brochure

Seven Reasons Employers Should Address Partner Violence

Partner violence was a hidden concern that did not show up on the public’s radar screen until relatively recently. Some employers are addressing it, but many more are not. This article provides seven compelling reasons for why employers should take action on this issue.

Sometimes Things Are Not What They Appear To Be

This article highlights the dangerous intersection that can occur when the personal lives of domestic abuse victims intersect with their workplaces.

Read about examples of hidden ways that partner violence comes into the workplace.