Stories from the Workplace

Andrea C.

Everyone thought Andrea C. had the "perfect marriage." Everyone was wrong.

Click on the screen to hear about one working woman's experience and victory over partner violence.

Click here for a handout of Andrea's Story

Thanks to Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh for permission to post the video clip above on the STANDING FIRM website. View more clips of partner violence survivors and their stories.

Do you have a story?

Are you an employed victim of partner violence? Are you a batterer who works? Are you a coworker, supervisor, or manager of a victim or a batterer? Share your story with us so that partner violence becomes less of a hidden problem in the workplace.

Partner violence is often a hidden problem in the workplace. Victims don't talk about what's happening at home or how it affects them at work. Batterers don't reveal what they do at home or how their focus on controlling their partner affects their work. Coworkers, managers and supervisors don't know how to help. Tell us your story and share it anonymously via our website. You can be part of the STANDING FIRM mission to help employers and employees understand how partner violence affects the workplace and the workforce.