Partner Violence Cost Calculator

This useful tool is helpful in calculating the cost associated with employing victims of partner violence. It does not calculate the costs associated with employing perpetrators of partner violence. However difficult these costs are to calculate, they are very real: misuse of company time and resources, loss of productivity, and the cost of insuring a partner or family that is the victim of abuse.

Open the Partner Violence Cost Calculator. The calculator is an Excel spreadsheet prepared by Texas Health Resources. You may need to click "Enable Editing" on the Message Bar at the top of the document. By entering three pieces of information about your organization, the spreadsheet will calculate and sum the predicted costs you are accruing, whether you know it or not, related to partner violence victimization among your employees.

To use this calculator:

  • Gather the following information from the appropriate person in your organization:
    • Your total number of employees
    • The percent of your employees who are female
    • The average hourly salary for your company across all job titles and pay grades (an estimate will work if you cannot access the exact amount);
  • Enter those numbers in the Company Data section of the spreadsheet and the following costs will be calculated, based on the indicated national prevalence and cost statistics: medical costs, mental health costs, lost productivity costs due to absenteeism, and the total cost to your company due to partner violence.

Please note the information at the bottom of the spreadsheet explaining why the final annual cost calculation is an underestimate of your actual costs. The calculator bases its numbers on available national statistics. There are scientifically valid data about costs related to partner violence victimization for sexual and physical assault. There is less known about medical, mental health and productivity costs related to victims who are emotionally abused, to employees who are perpetrators of partner abuse, and to productivity costs for days when the victim or perpetrator are at work, but distracted. The calculator does not include any cost estimates for workplace violence threats or events.

Thanks to Texas Health Resources for giving us permission to post this calculator on our website.