For Abusers

Are you abusing your partner?

Do you sometimes wonder if your behavior toward your partner is abusive? Does she or he or someone else tell you your behavior is out of line, but you're not sure if you agree? Click on this link to find a checklist of red-flag actions that indicate relationship abuse.

Abusers' Intervention Services

Abusers' intervention programs (also called batterers' intervention programs) offer counseling, usually in groups, for men who abuse their partners. Men can be mandated to attend these programs by the court as an alternative to going to jail for assault on their partners. Men can also join voluntarily.

Allegheny County

MEN/s Group Men Embracing Nonviolence and Safety
A program of Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
412 687 8017 ext 340

MEN/s Group offers abusers education on the nature of domestic violence, strategies for stopping abusive behavior, changing attitudes and achieving equality in relationships. The program has a long term goal of helping participants achieve the mutual respect, trust, and support necessary to maintain non-abusive relationships.

Family Resources
Alec Torrez and Matt Karg
412-363-1702 x1302,

Susan M. Sacks LPC
412-697-0880 x4506, 412-605-4432 (cell),

Persad Center
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 441-9786

Persad Center is the nation's second oldest licensed counseling center specifically created to serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. Persad provides quality professional, accessible and culturally-affirming psychotherapy and psychiatric services for GLBT and HIV+ individuals, couples and families. A domestic violence program is part of Persad's services. Counseling is available for both victims and batterers.

Outside of Allegheny County

Persad Center (see above) has an outreach center in Washington, PA, and serves GLBT clients in all of Western Pennsylvania.

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