What Members Are Saying

2015 STANDING FIRM Champion Award

Kristy Trautmann, Executive Director of the FISA Foundation, receives the STANDING FIRM Champion Award from Lynette Lederman, Executive Assistant to Councilman Corey O’Connor. The Champion Award recognizes Kristy’s tireless advocacy for STANDING FIRM and its goal to help employers address partner violence and promote safety and wellbeing in the workplace. The creation and enduring work of STANDING FIRM would not be possible without Kristy, who continues to support our organization by applying her nonprofit leadership expertise to our management, strategic planning, and goal setting initiatives. Kristy enthusiastically brings STANDING FIRM to the table when discussing partner violence with other organizations, and has positively impacted our work and our mission.

2015 STANDING FIRM Employer Award

Audrey Russo, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, accepts the STANDING FIRM Employer Award from Susan Nitzberg, STANDING FIRM’s Associate Director of Outreach. The Employer Award recognizes PTC’s superior integration of business practices addressing partner violence. Audrey and other leaders at PTC have taken clear action steps that promote the safety of the workplace and the well-being of the workforce, demonstrating their commitment to STANDING FIRM’s mission. PTC connects its members to the resources they need for success and understands that providing a safe workplace for employees is crucial for attracting and retaining talent. Therefore, PTC makes partner violence in the workplace a prominent topic – both internally among its employees, and externally among its member companies.

2014 STANDING FIRM Champion Award

Lynette Lederman receives the STANDING FIRM Champion award from Bruce Kraus, Pittsburgh City Council President. The Champion award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond in advocating for STANDING FIRM in its mission to engage employers in integrating business practices which address partner violence. Lynette has worked tirelessly advocating for STANDING FIRM and engaging employers in Pittsburgh and the broader community.

2014 STANDING FIRM Employer Award

Fred Massey, CEO of Familylinks, accepts the STANDING FIRM Employer Award from Dan Adley of KTA-Tator, 2013 Awardee. Familylinks received the award which recognizes superior integration of business practices addressing partner violence that promote the safety of the workplace and the well-being of the workforce.

Listen to what Fred Massey and Lynette Lederman say about STANDING FIRM and partner violence as a workplace issue.

2013 STANDING FIRM Employer Award Winners

The Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission, City of Pittsburgh and KTA-Tator, Inc. Featured in the picture above are Tamiko Stanley and Paula Kellerman from the Department of Personnel, City of Pittsburgh and Daniel Adley and Wendy Dameron from KTA-Tator, Inc. Learn more about Dan's and Tamiko's experiences with STANDING FIRM and how their organizations were affected.

What STANDING FIRM Employers are Saying

  • "The feedback from our leadership team today has been overwhelmingly positive.   You have already increased our awareness and sensitivity relative to partner violence, and you have helped us to understand the critical role we as employers play in this regard...  We're proud and pleased to be affiliated with SF, and feel very fortunate to be working with you."
    - Heidi Ondek, EdD, Assistant Superintendent, Quaker Valley School District
  • "Having been educated by STANDING FIRM has been not only a reinforcement of our core values but also enlightening to our staff. The information presented to us assisted us in the ability to identify partner violence as well as providing us with valuable responses to partner violence situations. Often we feel that we are responding compassionately and properly to a partner violence situation when in fact we could be doing more harm than good. STANDING FIRM educated us on some of our misconceptions as well as provided us with direction for resources and policy creation."
    - Lisa Schmitt, Director of HR, Community Human Services Corporation
  • "I understood that partner violence is a wrong that cannot be tolerated. STANDING FIRM, however, brought a new perspective about the effect for both victim and perpetrator in the workplace that resonated with us...that disruption not only had a human value outside the workplace, but also caused significant losses in productivity and morale in the workplace itself is a unique way to attach the problem that allowed us to bring greater awareness to this issue at the Post-Gazette."- Steve Spolar, Esq., VP of Human Resources, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    - Steve Spolar, Esq., VP of Human Resources, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • "When we initially signed up for membership in STANDING FIRM, I was supportive of the cause. However, when I heard Dr. Cluss speak at the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association Professional Conference I realized the serious impact partner violence has in the workplace. The information she presented was so compelling and it helped me realize that we most likely had this "unknown problem" in our workplace. When I brought the information back to management team, I received 100% support to move forward with some action steps."
    - Wendy Dameron, PHR, Human Resources Manager, KTA-Tator, Inc.
  • "Hi Barb, I wanted you to know that 2 participants in the training on Thursday came to me later to say that they had once been victims of domestic violence & they thought it was wonderful that we had joined STANDING FIRM. Both thought that you presenting to staff would be the way to roll out this program. Thanks!"
    – Anonymous HR Director