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There is a silent threat lurking in the halls of your company's workplace. That threat is partner violence.

Why Employers Should Address Partner Violence

The prevalence of partner violence (PV) means you can't avoid it

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  • Over one third of U.S women (35.6%) have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.1
  • 26% of female homicides in the workplace were due to intimate partner violence.1
  • 21% of full-time employed adults were victims of domestic violence and 78% of human resources professionals consider partner violence a workplace issue.2
  • 56% of corporate leaders today say they are aware of employees within their organizations who are affected by violence against women.3

Partner violence increases healthcare costs and decreases productivity

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  • The CDC estimates that PV costs our nation $8 billion a year.4
  • The health-related costs to employers of rape, physical assault, stalking, and homicide by intimate partners exceed $5.8 billion each year.5
  • Employees experiencing PV lose more than 8 million workdays each year.1
  • 48% of abusers report difficulty concentrating on work.6

Partner violence is a workplace safety issue

  • 94% of corporate security directors rank partner violence as a high security problem.7
  • 78% of human resources professionals consider partner violence a workplace issue.7
  • 25% of workplace violence events nationally are related to partner violence.8
  • 74% of abusers report having easy access to their intimate partner's workplace, with 21% of them admitting contacting the victim at the workplace in violation of a no contact order.6

Partner violence is a corporate liability issue

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  • Employers who do not take reasonable steps to prevent or abate a recognized violence hazard in the workplace can be cited under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's General Duty Clause.9
  • 74% of employed battered women were harassed by their partner while they were at work.10
  • Most offenders use workplace resources at least once to express remorse or anger, check up on, pressure, or threaten the victim.
  • Nearly 20% report a workplace accident or near miss from inattentiveness due to pre-occupation with their relationship.6

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