STANDING FIRM April 2016 Security Workshop "Keeping Your Workplace Safer: How Partner Violence Fits In"

STANDING FIRMís first safety/security workshop, "Keeping Your Workplace Safer: How Partner Violence Fits In," was a huge success. The event took place on Tuesday, April 19th from 8-10 AM in the Allegheny Room at the Omni William Penn Hotel. Roughly 60 attendees from over 25 organizations and companies across the Pittsburgh region were present for the breakfast training. Facilitator Carla Gedmanís presentation was informative, engaging, and well-received by the audience. The workshop was sponsored by the Office of Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala.

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This was an awesome workshop! The speaker was engaging and knowledgeable and the information presented was very relevant and useful.

I learned why it is essential to be proactive in creating and supporting a safe work environment. It is extremely important for employers to not only take seriously threats to their employees both internal and external, but also understand how it affects moral and the business as a whole.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and am so glad we are partnering with your great organization.

The videos and the presentation were very informative and held my interest. The speaker was very interesting and I liked how she involved the audience. This workshop gave me a clearer understanding of how keeping the workplace safe affects not just the individual but everyone.

Partner violence happens at home, but it walks through the door of your workplace.
STANDING FIRM offers employers what they need to address partner violence as a workplace issue.
  • One quarter of workplace violence events in the U.S. each year are related to partner violence.
  • More than ONE in FIVE full-time employed adults have been victims of partner violence and 64% of them indicated their work performance was significantly impacted.
  • 48% of abusers surveyed report difficulty concentrating on work.
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  • Recognize

    RECOGNIZE that partner violence is a business issue that affects productivity and security.

  • Respond

    RESPOND appropriately from a menu of action steps to address the effects of partner violence.

  • Refer

    Know how to REFER to existing community resources for services that the employer does not have the expertise or ability to provide.

Why the term "Partner Violence"?

We use the term "partner violence" in the business setting to describe what others call "domestic violence." We believe the term partner violence addresses the strong bias in the workplace that "that problem" only happens at home and is not relevant to employers.

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